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Analog Universe

Once while I was writing a piece of code I found myself having to declare a CONSTANT. A constant is something’s property that cannot be changed. I strongly hesitate to say that constants are a special kind of variable, because variables can be “varied” or changed. In physics, there are properties that cannot be changed. We call them the Fundamental Physical Constants. They give laws to all the matter whom’s shapes have produced in the Universe (Yes, that IS grammatically correct!). I say “shapes” because that’s exactly what the constants need to be in order to explain why they can only be represented as the strange numbers we express them as. In digital, analog shapes can only be represented as an approximation: Their true “value” is lost during the inscription of the property. This is true of all the constants that define our Universe. And it can only be true in a Universe where 1 represents the true form of the Universe and the constants represent properties of the fractions 1 is made from. (…I’ll wait).

Now, there is nothing to stop Universe 1 from having a neighbor that also looks like 1. Neighbor Universe 1 will have to be composed of fractions that sustain its existence. Neighbor Universe 1 may look like our Universe, but its fractalized representation, or its shape may also look radically different due to the laws that resulted from its fractions.

These analog fractions can be chaotically random in their proportional values, but due to logic, whatever their true values may be, they are subject to a natural selection. Everything is always tested, but only by reality’s nature. Only the stability of their outcomes can ensure their feasibility. Even the reason for their existence can be chaotic, yet subject to a logical natural selection. That, after all is what existing is:

Being able to be as opposed to not be.